Şık Collection

The Story Behind: 

We have searched a lot around the world to get our new premium unique collection of classy sophisticated materials that will impact the client’s perception of brands that will gift them elegant items effortlessly. We are taking the leap toward the simplicity of being elegant, modern, and productive. That’s where we started to mix that hard equation to get that one usable classy gift to your client that builds a strong relationship with your company and reflects many stories about your brand from the first sight. Taking a futuristic edge in choosing our materials to tell stories and go beyond with all company perceptual mapping in the mind of every client will receive that unique gift.

şık (n): 

From the Ottoman Ancient language in the most beautiful place in the world. şık word represents the meaning of beauty of being classy, elegant, and very sleek.

Choosing that premium unique name based on the story we went through choosing the material and story behind that as well, every detail was designed, chosen to be special.

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